Friday, February 18, 2011

Broadcast SMS v1.0 Released

This is a historical posting as this really happened on 2/6/2011!
I was approached by Stuttering John Smith for assistance with a telemarketing application he was having trouble with. I started looking through the code and identified some quick fixes to the issues he was having, but I also noticed some glaring design issues. Within a few days I had it in a working state and gave him the source code.
That app really got me thinking ... I can do something like this and I had a lot of ideas about how to make it better! The original code I hobbled together was a collection of a few activities and some static methods to handle the data transports. This is my 1st attempt at OO code and my 1st attempt at Android. I always want to learn and improve so I took this code to the local Cincinnati .NET Users Group meeting called BitSlingers. It's an informal affair but I figured that was a good place to get a code review. My good buddy Nate went with me and offered to provide some feedback. That was awesome because I knew we were good enough friends that he could be brutally honest. Man was my code a mess. I was so proud to have published that app in the Android market, but it was a train wreck. I took notes and watched a few more of O'Reilly's awesome videos "Developing Android Applications with Java." That set me on a path of extensive refactoring ...