Broadcast SMS

Broadcast SMS

  • Choose from your contact groups!  Create groups on your phone or in your GMail Contacts and you can send them a message in just 2 clicks.
  • Read any text file from your SD card and parse it for US formatted phone numbers.
  • Advanced regular expression validation of phone numbers.
  • Store last used filename and SMS message text in the application's local preferences.
  • Almost all of the text is localized and ready for language translations.
  • Doesn't pollute your default SMS messaging app's in/out box with your message broadcasts.
  • You're not required to have an addressee in your phone's contact list.
  • File chooser to graphically select the file from your SD card.
  • > 160 character messages handled at the expense of fewer recipients.
  • Rolling 60 minute history of transmitted messages maintained to keep you from accidentally violating the Android OS limitation of 100 messages/application/hour.
  • Google Analytics reporting providing data to help improve future versions.
  • Tabbed UI
  • JSON String parsing allows for notifications of upgrades, etc.

Screen Shots

Example Text File
(123) 456-7890
(234) 567-8901
(345) 678-9012
Just put 1 number per line pressing enter after each.  Lines without numbers are ignored.  Emtpy lines are ignored.
Lines with numbers nested will work, call me (678) 901-2345!
The number formats below and most iterations thereof will also work without incident:

1234567890, 12345678901, 123-456-7890, 1-234-567-8901, (123)4567890, 1(234)5678901, 123-456-7890, 1-234-567-8901, (234)567-8901, 1(234)567-8901, 123 456 8901, 1 234 567 8901, 123.456.7890, 1.234.567.8901, etc.