Sunday, February 12, 2012

Screen Timeout Toggle

I recently switched carriers and upgraded to a new phone.  I've been pretty impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S II on T-Mobile's service so far with 3 glaring exceptions:

1. It's all or nothing in my area with T-Mobiles service.  I either have 4G or 2G (Edge?).  2G is pretty dang pointless.

2. The lock screen is simply ridiculous.  You touch and swipe the whole screen as one big panel?  Looks like a highschool beginning Mobile Development Computer Science project.

3. This phone doesn't have the 'always on' option while USB connected.  As a developer I've found that to be very irritating.  My default screen timeout is 15 seconds.  When you're tweaking something and in a quick back and forth between the code and the phone it's nothing short of infuriating.

Today I started searching the market for a 1-touch solution.  I found it: Screen Timeout Toggle.  You put the shortcut or 1 of the 2 widgets (see below) on your desktop and it does 1 thing; it toggles between keeping your screen always on and back to the pre-defined system setting.  Of course, the beauty of the widgets is that they provide an indication of the current state.

I tested the app using a power control widget to adjust the screen timeout setting and by my testing the app does exactly what it claims to do.  I do very much enjoy the complete utilitarian approach this app takes.  It doesn't try to be the end-all-be-all for your power, screen and connectivity management.


  1. My advice for issues like this is to look into tasker. If you have never checked it out before it is the one paid app I have bought on the android platform and it is absurd just how powerful it can be and its uses are endless. Check it out. Also for the lock screen issue luckily there is no end to lockscreen apps but I have found the best few to also be paid unless you custom rom your phone.

    1. I have used Tasker. Amazing. It's just incredible overkill for almost everything I want to do. I tend toward the utilitarian apps like this one. It does 1 thing very well. Love it. Thanks for the comment though!