Saturday, February 4, 2012

Did you Floss today?

Floss App ( is a habit helper.  It has an amazingly simple, clean interface and has served as the simple reminder "did you run today."  Of course you can fill in any verb you like to complete the reminder sentence.

You can see by the images below that lots of effort was put into the interface and the user experience (UX).  The app author has, on many occasions, watched how people interact with his application.  He is always interested in "why'd you do 'that'" or "what did you expect to happen when you did 'that'?"  Many of the UX tweaks have been a direct result of those interactions.

As you'll see by a sampling of my data below the app has done beautifully reminding me to run but I haven't necessarily done so well ;)



Achievements / Awards / Badges

Graph Your Progress

Share Your Success

Share Your Success

Quickly see your success and identify days you need to answer

The first thing you see.  Yeah, last ... you're going to see this as soon as you click the icon ;)  Might as well show you the less obvious pieces of the app first!

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