Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Broadcast SMS Lite v2.9 Released (Feature Complete)

After just 6 short weeks I am proud to announce the Feature Complete version of Broadcast SMS Lite v2.9!

Broadcast SMS is not intended to replace your handset's SMS messaging tool.  It's rooted in direct marketing.  It was built to talk a sales leads file and broadcast a SMS message to all the phone numbers contained within.  That part was working from version 1.0, but it did get me thinking: I want to be able to send a message to a group of people as quickly as I can.  So, I leveraged the basic idea for Broadcast SMS and created just that!

I send a lot of group texts: to my kids, to friends, etc.  I always hate composing them because I had to select the individuals or get my messaging app into the right place to do so.  Broadcast SMS does this by default. In fact, I will not be building a way to add a single contact to the list of addressees.  Of course I can be convinced otherwise, but that's my going in position.

When you launch the application you're presented with the status screen.  Remember, it's rooted in direct marketing ;)  From there you only have 2 selections: 1 lets you read an input file and the other lets you choose from your predefined contact groups.  You're immediately presented with the message window and a Send (Broadcast) Message button.  That's almost as few clicks as you can make to get a message out to your friends, family, etc.

As always, bugs and feature requests equally appreciated to


  1. Hi, Does it have a quene? If I choose to send 400 sms does app set other 300 in quene and automacaly send another 100 next hour ...?

  2. That feature does not currently exist. It is on the short list of items to add. Stay tuned.

  3. Hi Bill thanks. One more question: I have removed android 100 sms limit.. now can I send 400sms with your app?

  4. Give me a couple of days. I have family in town this weekend. I will make you a custom APK that will either a) remove the limit altogether or b) bump up the limit to a much higher number. The app has never been tested on sending messages that would exceed the limit. YMMV

  5. Hi! If i hv a contact list of 2000 people. I want to tell them im going to use a new mobile number. How can i use this app? Download the contact list or group it as one big group? Thanks! Willing