Friday, February 18, 2011

Proud of Broadcast SMS v2.0+

Now Broadcast SMS looks and behaves completely differently than it did in its 1.0 iterations. It's managed by an umbrella application and all the static methods and instance variables have been removed. Everything is behaving in an orderly OO fashion. My friend Android Code Monkey, aka Greg Z., has been so very helpful through this entire maturation. He has to repeat himself so many times until I smack my forehead like the V8 commercials as it finally sinks in. Thanks Greg!

In addition to managing everything much better I've added very robust regular expression checking to the phone numbers that are read in and used as the addressee list for the application. Localization is nearly complete with only the Help and About dialogs needed to be finalized. I used Google Translate to provide crude Spanish translations mostly as a test, but I did release the app in Spanish as well. I have done some work to reposition my ads around the screen.

There's still lots of feature work to do, but I've been focused on fixing any force close issues over the past couple of days. There little tiny mysteries and they're very tricky to track down!

I have sent myself 100 SMS messages several times tonight trying to force the issue. All-in-all it's coming along nicely. So, if you're a current user and have been frustrated please hang in there! It is under active development.

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