Friday, February 18, 2011

Broadcast SMS Features & Enhancements

There was a lot of furious development between 2/6/2011 and 2/12/2011 and a fair share of lost sleep. Help and About dialogs were added. Backgrounds, icons and subtle tweaks to the UI were made in an attempt to pretty things up. Storing items in the local preferences for the application was added. Lots of little error checking methods were added.

Then on 2/12/2011 something else hit me. I'm doing this out of sheer love for coding, but why shouldn't I earn a little coin in the process?! I added AdMob ads to the application. By 2/15/2011 I had done a considerable amount of refactoring, added ads and had most of the application ready for localization. It's at version 1.3.4 now.

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